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Every Monty Python skit can now be played from behind the wheel of a Tesla

If Teslasare going to be fully autonomous in the next few years, theyre going to have to find ways to keep their owners entertained once the novelty (and fear) wears off. What better way to do that than with some Monty Python?

Elon Musk went on another one of his Twitter rants yesterday revealing that all Tesla models in the U.S. can play any Monty Python skit. It is the latest in a series of Easter eggs created by the company. First, there was the rainbow charge port, then a somewhat terrifying Christmas-inspired feature, and finally Rainbow Road fromMario Kart.

The CEO teased the newest hidden feature with the music video of Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, a comedy song written by Eric Idle for Monty Pythons Life of Brian


Musk then dropped a bombshell that could end up influencing your next car purchase.



Weve learned over the years that when Musk says something that sounds sarcastic, it probably isnt. Once again, he doesn’t disappoint.

YouTuber KmanAutotested the Easter egg a few minutes after Musk broke the news.He pressed the voice command button and told his car to Play MoMonty Python. After a few failed attempts, the car eventually begins cycling through skits from the legendary comedy sketch group.

Musk said the feature will be available in Canada and the U.K. soon. One Twitter user said it works fine in Norway, to which Musk replied, cool. He did later admit to having a soft spot for the country in an unrelated conversation.


Oh, and in case you were wondering, Musk said this is possibly his favorite skit:

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