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Guest Blogs

Guest blogs Monty Python wanted!

Do you have some amazing stories to tell?

Do you want to share them with other Monty Python fans?


We’re looking for Monty Python fans to write articles/Blogs for our website to share their love of Monty Python with other fans. Guest blogs Monty Python must follow the rules below.

  • Blogs must be 500-1500 words long

  • No product links included

  • No external links to other sites

  • All picture must be license free

  • No rude words or comments, this is a family friendly site

  • Don’t replicate any of the articles already on our site

  • Make them fun and interesting, personal stories of why you love Monty Python etc

We will check all articles for correct grammar and spelling so don’t worry about it being 100% perfect. We’re not professional¬†writers ourselves. Just Monty Python fans!

At this point we don’t pay for any articles, However, if your article is really good and gets some good reviews and comments, we will pay you ¬£20 for the article and give you full credits on the article!

So get writing


Monty Python has been around a while now so please try and think of something original.

Let’s see what you can come up with, nudge,nudge,wink,wink !!

Email us direct:



See one of our articles wrote by a read HERE!


Title: Why Monty Python loved the Beatles-Read why.

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