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John Cleese – Career, Life and Achievements


John Cleese is an English playwright, screen actor, voice actor and a comedian.  He was born on October 27th, 1939. It is very surprising to know that John was considered to be the serious one of his group. He has been a sincere a sober kid his entire life. He has spent most of his life in England. Before getting into acting, he had dreamt of becoming an athlete a footballer preferably. His family name was originally “cheese” but his Dad change it when he joined the army because he didn’t want anyone to take the Micky out of their name. So, They became Cleese.


He went to st. Peter’s School and then got into the Clifton college. After completing his graduation he returned to St. Peters and worked there as a teacher. His comic career is mostly self-built. As a child, he had enjoyed comedy and found out that making people laugh was a way of befriending them. Cleese finally joined the Footlight’s Dramatist’s club where he fully got the chance to exhibit his talents as a comedian. There at the Footlight’s academy, he made some great friends most of them are now renowned comedians and actors. He studied law at the Cambridge University. Now he had to decide between choosing a career as a clerk or a comedian.


He landed a job at BBC, first as a writer then he got a screen role as well. he wrote jokes for BBC radio for a while before he was asked to be featured on the frost report. While on the set of “The Frost Report” he made friends with some renowned personals Chapman, Idle, Jones, and Terry Gilliam. He worked with them for a while before he started planning to put up his own show of “Monty Python”. The show avoided typical punchlines and brought with it the most original humor. However, for a while, the BBC audience had no idea what to make of this newly emerging show at the time, but soon it got enough popularity. The show reached its heights before the third season when everyone else on his team started losing interest. The content of the humor suffered and the acting was no longer the same. The show died.

With his wife of that time, he started another show named the Fawlty Towers. The sitcom was a hit and received constant praises from the ever growing fans. Cleese has also enjoyed some success on the American TV while nailing an Emmy award for his guest appearance in another sitcom. The Americans wanted to make the most of his English accent and cast him as a voice actor for Shrek 2, Shrek 3 and Shrek the ever after.


The dead parrot is by far his most famous work, re-enacted at their live show which was a massive return for the gang and was a huge success selling out in under 2 minutes of the tickets going on sale. This was inspired by some guy’s refusal to go to a mechanic because of not being able to find a problem with his car. Paraline, another of his famous sketches is about a parrot who is now dead and not coming back. The killer joke has been the most favorite of every one of his fans since the early days. The guy has this joke that he really wants to tell but could not stop himself from laughing thus killing himself in the attempt to convey the joke. We found their live show DVD on Amazon BUY NOW!

These and many others have touched people’s heart. His jokes and sketches are still alive and people are not ashamed to laugh at them the way they used to.



Cleese had been a major supporter of liberal democrats for most of his life. His focus, however, shifted to SDP after their formation. Soon, he had begun advocating for their votes. His way of campaigning for any political party that he has been a unique one. He used humor and other comic skits to teach people about the similarities and dissimilarities of different parties.

In 2011 he declared happiness, appreciation, and approval of the coalition between Britain’s liberal and conservative party. Saying that the time has finally arrived when people can sum up their ideologies and look into eye to eye for once.

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Married three times, his personal life is a failure of commitments. His first marriage is said to be the most successful one. He married Connie Booth in 1968 and starred with her on his successful Tv show. They had a daughter together.

For the second time, he married an American actress who was struggling with her career at the time. The marriage was a major failure and collapsed very soon. Then he married an American Psychotherapist Alyce Faye. The marriage failed in the year 2008 but taught Cleese so much about Psychotherapy. He has since then been an advocate of human psychology and believes firmly that there is absolutely no shame in seeking an expert if you are going through a hard time. The divorce from Alyce cost him a fortune of 12 million dollars, an amount even Cleese is too poor for. He then announced that he would travel around the world to collect enough money to be able to finance his divorce.


  • He had reached an abnormal height of six feet by the time he was 12. He was continually teased and bullied by his fellow students and friends in school.
  • He has considered a career in both law and athletics showing how he is versatile and capable of doing so many tasks at once.
  • John Cleese has even acted in two Harry Potter movies and Two James Bond movies.
  • He is even interested in antiques to the point that he owns an antique shop at Montecito.
  • He has his own production company and is now a well-known director as well.


A hoax spread some while back in the same year that John Cleese has died of some disease. The rumor was completely untrue yet brought with it thousands of condolences showing how well known and loved John Cleese is.

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