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Michael Palin

Michael Edward Palin was born 5 May 1943 in Ranmoor, Sheffield. He started his education at Birkdale Preparatory School, Sheffield, and later attended Shrewsbury School.

He’s an actor, Comedian and Tv presenter and famous for being one of the amazing Monty Python actors. He later went on to present many TV travel programs including the very popular TV series ‘ Around the world in 80 days’ and Pole to Pole.

In Monty Python, Palin played various roles, which ranged from manic enthusiasm (such as the lumberjack of the Lumberjack Song, or Herbert Anchovy, host of the game show “Blackmail”) to unflappable calmness (such as the Dead parrot vendor, Cheese Shop proprietor, or Postal Clerk). As a straight man he was often a foil to the rising ire of characters portrayed by John Cleese. He also played timid, socially inept characters such as Arthur Putey, the man who sits quietly as a marriage counsellor (Eric Idle) makes love to his wife (Carol Cleveland), and Mr. Anchovy, a chartered accountant who wants to become a lion tamer. He also appeared as the “It’s” man at the beginning of most episodes.

The Monty Python television series ended in 1974, and Michael went on to write and appear in many films and Tv shows including, Ripping Yarns which he wrote with Terry Jones a fellow Monty Python actor.  In 1977 he starred in another fellow Python’s film ‘jabberwockey’ wrote by Terry Gilliam.

Palin co-wrote Time Bandits with Terry Gilliam. He also acted in the film which is know as one of the classic 80’s film. In (1988) he appeared in ‘ a fish called wanda’, for which he won the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.Palin also had a small cameo role in Australian soap opera Home and Away.

He played an English surfer with a fear of sharks, who interrupts a conversation between two main characters to ask whether there were any sharks in the sea. This was filmed while he was in Australia for the Full Circle series, with a segment about the filming of the role featuring in the series. Palin was in the cast of You’ve Got Mail, the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan romantic comedy as a subplot novelist, but his role was eventually cut entirely!

Michael’s travel Tv series started in 1980 with the BBC called ‘ the great railway journeys of the world’ travelling all around the UK on a train Michael reminisces about his childhood hobby of train spotting. This started Michael amazing career as a TV Travel presenter which saw him travel all around the world meeting some amazing people and seeing all the wonders of the world.

1988 filming started on the popular tv series ‘ around the world in 80 days’ which was first aired in 1989. This was a four part series. After the success of this Tv show Michael followed this up with a new Tv series. ‘ Pole to pole’ travelling from the North Pole to the South Pole, following as closely as possible the 30-degree line of longitude, over as much land as possible, i.e., through Europe and Africa. Full Circle with Michael Palin (Travel 1995/96; Programme release 1997): in which he circumnavigated the lands around the Pacific Ocean anti-clockwise; a journey of almost 50,000 miles (80,000 km) starting on Little Diomede Island in the Bering Strait and taking him through Asia, Oceania and the Americas.


Michael has received many awarded many honours and set up a childrens charity called Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children which he set up in 1993.

He also has an Asteroid named after himself 9621 michael palin. Other honours include: The James Joyce award, Livingstone medal, a gold medal award for achievement by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society in March 2009.The University of St Andrews awarded Palin an honorary Doctor of Science degree during their June 2017 graduation ceremonies, with the degree recognising his contribution to the public’s understanding of contemporary geography.He joins his fellow Pythons John Cleese and Terry Jones in receiving an honorary degree from the Fife institution.

Michael wrote many books including the list below:

Travel books

I will always think of Michael as one of my all time favourite actor’s from the Monty Python Tv films and my favourite scene can be viewed below.

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