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Monty Python Filming Locations

The mere mention of Monty Python is enough to send fans of their films into a thrill. The setting of their films is designed to take your mind back in time and leaving no doubt whether Brian Cohen was indeed the real Messiah in the award-winning film, Life of Brian.

However, it is the careful selection of filming locations in their movies that has left people talking and other moving in droves to experience the thrill of such places. This post is a closer look at the main filming locations in the three Monty Python films, The Life of Brian, The Holy Grail, and Meaning of Life.

Filming locations for Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The Monty Python and the Holy Grail was a classic slapstick comedy movie about the Arthurian legend. The filming was done in Scotland castles including the Doune Castle, Castle Stalker, and Glen Coe, while editing was done by Michael White Productions.

1)   The privately owned Doune Castle

The film uses Doune for Camelot and Swamp Castle. It is also used as the exteriors of French Anthrax Castle.

This is a 14th Century fortification sited about 10 miles northwest of Stirling. The location also features a wooden section where River Ardoch Burn flows into River Teith. The confluence of the two rivers was fortified by Romans in the 1st Century though no remains are visible above the ground. The most significant places in the Doune Castle are the gatehouse that has projections around the tower on the entrance, and the Lord’s tower which 39 ft high.

2) The Castle Stalker

This is another Scottish based Castle located about 2.4 kilometers North-east of Port Appin.  In the Holy Grail, it was used as the location for the Castle Aaargh.

The castle is a picturesque facility with its bewitching island settling uniquely against mountains in the background. It was built around the fourteenth century by Clan MacDougal who served as Lords of Lorn. In 1908, Charles Stewart bought the Castle and did most of the conservation work. To date, the castle remains a private facility.

3)   The Bedouin Castle

(Pass of Glen Coe in Scotland, UK)

This Castle is used as the location where the historian was killed. It is another 14th-century castle located in East Sussex near Robertsbridge in England. It was built around 1385 by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge and was very helpful in defense against invasion By French during Hundred Years War.

Other locations include the Pass of Glen Coe in Scotland, UK. This location was used for the Bridge of death and the Gorge of eternal peril scenes. The Dumyat Hill, adjacent to the Bridge of Allen in Scotland was used for the scene where the army of King Arthur drew up for battle.

4) Holy hand grenade scene

Filmed on location at Isle of Skye, Scotland UK

Filming locations in Monty Python Life of Brian

John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Graham Chapman, Eric Idle, Michael Palin, John Goldstone, the producers of The Monty Python Life of Brian went to overdrive to pick places that articulately captured the mood and theme of every scene. In the film, Brian Cohen (Graham Chapman) is mistaken for the Messiah, and no doubt moves on to make the best shot for it in the greatest Satire of all times.

Most of the Filming was shot in Ribat, a fortified monastery at Monastir in Tunisia while editing work was done by HandMade Films. Here is a closer look at the main locations used during filming.

1)   Amphitheater, Carthage, Tunis, Tunisia.

This is the location where Brian was born on a Christmas in the neighboring door. He spends his life as a messiah after people mistook him for Christ. The Carthage Amphitheater was a Roman Amphitheater built in the 1st Century in the Carthage City of Tunisia. Later, it was rebuilt by Dictator Julius Caesar and grew to become the Africa Proconsularis.

2)   El Hadj, Tunisia

This location is used for the ending scenes of the film. It provides the landscape and scenes for the crucifixion of the Messiah. The area is situated about 63 miles south of Tunis, the country’s capital.

3)   Ribat, Monastir, Tunisia

This location serves as the fortress-monastery in the film. It is a location on the central coast of Tunisia that sits approximately 20 miles south of Sousse or 101 miles south of capital Tunis. Traditionally, it was a fishing city. However, it has since changed into a major touristic destination.

4)   The Kasbah, Sousse, Tunisia

This location was used to bring out the impression Walls of Jerusalem in the film Life of Brian. The location, also known as Kasbah of Beja is a historical citadel built around the 2nd Century BC. It is uniquely positioned at the top of the hill, approximately 305 meters high, on the northern side of Beja.

Other important locations include Tunis which was taken to mean the holy city, Matma, and London in The UK.

The filming locations for The Monty Python’s Meaning of Life film

The Meaning of Life film, also known as The Monty Python’s Meaning of Life, was a British film written by Monty Python and directed by Terry Jones of ‎Celandine Films studio.

The film starts in a fish tank where two fish swim in a restaurant and see one of them, Howard, being eaten. It is at this point that the plot unfolds as they start questioning the meaning of life. The filming was done in the UK especially London and Scotland.

1)   Porchester Hall, 45 Porchester Road, London, UK

This is a deleted scene MR CREOSOTE for more deleted scenes and outtakes


This location was used as the point where the infamous Mr. Creosote scene was filmed. The hall is located in Westminster City and features classic art deco designs that make it a greatly sought after location for great events.

2)   Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, 71 Fenchurch Street, London, UK

This location was used to film the first part of the film referred as the crimson permanent assurance. The building is one of the old facilities that feature unique decorations that help to capture the complexities and richness of design. It provides a strong contrast with neighboring premises.

3)   Cartwright Hall, Bradford

This location was used to film the scene Every Sperm is Sacred. The hall is a civic art gallery located in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. This is located about 1 mile from Manningham District’s city center.

4)   Campsie Fells, Scotland, UK

This location was used to feature the fierce battle between British Army and Zulus during which an officer got his leg stolen by a tiger. The area has a number of hills in central Scotland that stretch from Denny Muir all the way to Dumgoyne.

Other filming locations for the movie include the Royal Masonic School located in Bushey, Hertfordshire, and the Battersea power station in London.

Flying Circus Locations

Hell’s Grannies scene.

Filmed in and around High Street, Acton, London, UK

Fish Slapping Dance

Teddington Lock, London, UK

Upper-class twit of the year

Hurlingham Stadium
Hurlingham Park
Hurlingham Road
London, UK

If you know of any more locations please comment below, we’d love to hear from you!








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