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Monty Python loves the Beatles – Read why!

Monty Python loves the beatles for a couple of reasons. Number one..It’s widely reported that Monty Python loved the Beatles music and the British public have compared their contribution to British Comedy in the same way the world have for the Beatles contrabution to music. The second reason, is for the financial contribution they made to the Troupe and the making of the film ‘ Life of brian ‘ Particuly George Harrison.

The troupe was preparing to shoot the film Life of Brian — a satirical film about a man named Brian, born on the original Christmas next to the Messiah who then spends his life being mistaken for Jesus. The film was picked up by EMI Films and set to begin production in 1978. The shooting schedules had been set and the set design was underway in Tunisia when, just days before production was to begin, EMI withdrew their involvement from the film due to finding the story “blasphemous.” Problem was, this happened a week before filming was to start, meaning the Pythons were ready to go, but suddenly they had no money!

HANDMADE FILMS-George Harrison

The chance of finding another Film studio to invest in the film at such short notice was practically zreo, so Eric Idle reached out to his good Friend and Beatle super star George Harrison. It’s rumored George took out a huge mortgage on his 120-room Friar Park mansion to help fund the film. In the end, Harrison was able to provide the crew with 6 million pounds of investment to secure production. Off the back of Harrison raising, what was at that time a huge amount of money, came the decision to launch Harrisons own film company ‘ HANDMADE FILMS ‘ The name of the company came about as a bit of a joke. Harrison had been to Wooky Hole in Somerset, near an old paper mill where they show you how to make old underpants into paper. So I bought a few rolls, and they had this watermark ‘British Handmade Paper’ So he said … we’ll call it Handmade Films!

The film company went on to make many films including ‘ The long good Friday’, ‘ The time bandits’ to name just a couple.

Unfortunatley the company invested in some films that Bombed at the box office and they struggled financially which ended in the company ceasing operation in 1991. Harrison later entered into lengthy court battle over fraud and negligence which he won and was reported to have been granted over 11 Million pounds in compensation.

Without the support, risk and financial investment Harrison took, it’s certain the Monty Python troupe would not have made the film ‘ Life of Brian’. This faith in the troupe is why Monty Python loves the Beatles. I for one am so glad they did, it has to be one of the best British comedy film ever made. When someone asked George Harrison why he invested in the film Harrison replied ” I really want to see the film” Michael Palin said ” This has to be the most expensive cinema ticket ever ” The investment paid off, not just in the quality of the film they made, which will go down in all time history as one of the best ever made, but also in the financial success taking over 20 Million pounds at the U.S Box office.

What a lot of people don’t know is that George Harrison also appeared in the film. Yes.. Really. We have pointed him out below incase you missed him in the movie. I bet you’ll all get out the DVD and watch it again now to spot him, won’t you?


Harrison wasn’t the only Beatle who loved Monty Python, John Lennon also loved them and said in the very famous interview below, that he expressed his desire to be in one of the Monty Python clips but said he hasn’t got the nerves to do it.



In 1972, Starr made a brief cameo appearance in a Monty Python’s Flying Circus episode called “Mr. and Mrs. Brian Norris’ Ford Popular” We found the clip on Youtube for you.

In summary, without the faith and financial backing from The Beatles star George Harrison, the famous British comedy troupe would not have gone on to legendary status. The troupe would not have been able to perform their farewell reunion shows in London. John Cleese, 74, Michael Palin, 71, Terry Gilliam, 73, Terry Jones, 72 and Eric Idle, 71 performed 10 live shows in London which sold out in a record 43 seconds. If you were one of the lucky ones to get to see them live, you have experiences comedy history! Unfortunatly, I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to get affordable tickets. I did get offered two tickets but at a cost of £2000 !!  So I had to watch the live show on TV. If you haven’t yet seen the show, we found the video on Amazon. CLICK THIS LINK

I’m so glad George Harrison funded ‘ The life of Brian ‘ my personal journey with The Monty Python gang would not have been the same without that film. Thank you Mr Harrison.

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