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Monty Python sketches four Yorkshiremen

How Monty Python affected my life?

Well… How many of you have sat at home or in a pub with friends and someone mentions a Monty Python scene, Within seconds you’re recreating one of your favourite scenes from one of the films or shows. Right?  This is me all over, Monty Python sketches four Yorkshiremen has been recreated and acted out in my house more times than I care to remember.

I have lost count of the times I’ve had some great conversations with total strangers over a Monty Python film or scene. You hear someone mention something Python related and before you know it, you’re recreating the scene word for word. My friendship with my best friend has been forged on many drunken nights watching Monty Python films or talking about our favorite scenes over a good single malt.

Monty Python sketches four Yorkshiremen

I have traveled around Yorkshire with friends and my sons and watched Spamalot many times. In 2010 I took my son, who at the time was 14. He sat through the whole show and repeated the words, perfectly to every scene. I asked how he knew so many lines as he hadn’t watched as many episodes and films as I had and he said ” Because you and Chris say them all the time”

From the age of about 12, he could frequently be heard saying ‘ Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries ‘  Even to date he still says it.

We recently went on holiday and visited a castle in Wales, it, unfortunately wasn’t the famous Doune Castle where some of the scenes from Holy Grail were filmed, but it looked very similar. Within minutes of being there, my youngest son who’s only 10 years old was on top of a castle wall, patting his head and shouting ‘ go away or I shall taunt you a second time’. It’s fair to say, they too have been influenced by Monty Python.

I can remember not too long ago when Monty Python did their farewell live shows in London, Which unfortunately we couldn’t go to watch as the tickets sold out in a record time, I was sitting with my friend Chris and the whole family around Christmas time watching the show on DVD which we purchased on Amazon HERE’S A LINK

We laughed into the early hours and had a fantastic night. Memories like this are the reason Monty Python has influenced my life in such a positive way.

Doune Castle Scotland

Monty Python Facebook & Social media

Apart from this website, I also have a Facebook fan page, Instagram and Tumblr account. I have had so many fun conversations with Monty Python fans who share the same great memories as I do. It only takes one person to say a famous quote and within seconds 30-40 people are typing their favourite lines. This is the power of Monty Python.

Even though they only made 3 Major films and 45 Episodes of Flying circus, there’s always new things to learn and great conversations to be had. I personally never get tired of talking about them and just when I think I know everything about them I learn something new. For example I didn’t know until recently that John Cleese was originally called John Cheese and his Farther, born Reginald Cheese changed his name because he didn’t want to get the Micky-taken out of him when he joined the army. I wrote an article on John recently, just a short blog and I have been contacted by many fans after publishing it with tons of new facts I didn’t know about him. Read it here! 

I was also recently sent some rare photos which I had never seen before, again all through the power of social media and the fact millions of people love Monty Python.


I recently did a survey on my Facebook account, where I have over 4000 friends. This isn’t a Monty Python fan page but my normal, personal page. I asked the question ‘ Do you know who Monty Python are? ‘ Over 600 people replied and only One said they had never heard of them. ( I think they live on Mars ) This just shows you how popular they are. Not everyone loves Monty python like I do, but they certainly made their mark in the world and I’m sure this will continue for many more years to come.

We all have highs and lows in our lives and many a time I have felt low and put on my favorite film, Holy Grail to cheer myself up. It always works! I don’t get too hung up on the controversial points in the film or take the political and religious points in Flying circus too seriously, I just enjoy the freedom to have fun and escape reality from time to time.

Without Monty Python in my life I’m sure of one thing, I wouldn’t have met some amazing people, or had some amazing nights or build a strong relationship with my sons. For these reasons, Monty Python will always hold a special place in my heart.

I hope you have also shared some amazing times and made some amazing memories due to the Python team like I have. I hope for many years into my old age I continue to re-create the Monty Python sketches four Yorkshiremen.

If you have any wonderful memories or stories to tell, let us know. We are happy to share them with fellow Python fans.

Remember ‘ Always look on the bright side of life ‘

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