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Monty Python soundtrack – Holy grail & Spamalot

Do you always sing along when you’re watching the Monty Python films? There’s no question the Spamalot show its all about the music and having a good sing along. But what if you could sing along in the car? or whilst doing the washing up?

Well, now you can with these amazing soundtracks. Featuring all the classic songs. We have found two soundtracks the first is from Holy Grail and the second from Spamalot. We have listed all the details below and they’re both available to download onto MP3 and CD, Vinyl and cassette. ( Yes they do still exist ) from AMAZON. The link have been provided below.

Monty Python gift

These soundtracks would make a great gift for any Monty Python fan.

Monty Python – Holy Grail Soundtrack

monty python soundtrack

Amazing sound track from the film Holy Grail, a very funny audio sound track with Bonus tracks as well. This is in its own rights a master piece and something that all Monty Python fans must own.

Add it to your collection today, its not very expensive for such a classic piece of work. Hours of fun!


1. Introduction / Jeunesse
2. Introduction (Part 2) / Honours List
3. Arrival at Castle / Big Country / Homeward Bound
4. Constitutional Peasants / Got Choir
5. Witch Burning
6. Logician
7. Camelot / Fanfare
8. Camelot Song
9. Arthur and God
10. Classic (Silbury Hill)
11. French Castle
12. Announcement / Jeunesse
13. Apology / Jeunesse
14. Story So Far / Sunrise Music
15. Brave Sir Robin / Fanfare / Magic Finger / Sir Robin’s Song
16. The Knights Who Say “Ni” / In The Shadows (No 3) / Desperate Moment / Knights of Ni / Homeward Bound
17. Classic (Silbruy Hill ) (Part 2) / Circle of Danger
18. Marilyn Monroe
19. Sir Lancelot & Swamp / Love Theme
20. Tim the Enchanter / Magenta / Starlet in the Starlight
21. Drama Critic
22. Hand Grenade of Antioch / Monks Chant / God Choir
23. Announcement (Part 2) / Jeunesse
24. End of Quest / The Promised Land

Bonus Tracks

25. Arthur’s Song
27. Run Away Song


spamalot soundtrack


1.Tuning (Orchestra) 0:19
2.Overture (Orchestra) 0:53
3.Historian’s Introduction to Act I (Christian Borle) 0:52
4.Finland/Fisch Schlapping Dance (Michael McGrath) 1:02
5.Monks Chant / He Is Not Dead Yet (Christian Borle) 2:51
6.Come With Me (Tim Curry) 1:41
7.Laker Girls Cheer (Tim Curry) 1:17
8.The Song That Goes Like This (Christopher Sieber) 2:54
9.He Is Not Dead Yet – Play Off (Hank Azaria) 0:23
10.All For One (Tim Curry) 1:59
11.Knights of the Round Table/The Song That Goes Like This (Reprise) (Sara Ramirez) 6:02
12.Find Your Grail (Sara Ramirez) 3:27
13.Run Away! (Tim Curry) 2:02
14.The Intermission (John Prez) 0:22
15.Historian’s Introduction to Act II (Christian Borle) 0:22
16.Always Look On The Bright Side of Life (Michael McGrath) 4:30
17.Brave Sir Robin (David Hyde Pierce) 0:57
18.You Won’t Succeed On Broadway (David Hyde Pierce) 5:06
19.Diva’s Lament (What Ever Happened To My Part?) (Sara Ramirez) 2:33
20.Where Are You? (Christian Borle) 1:03
21.His Name Is Lancelot (Hank Azaria) 2:12
22.I’m All Alone (Tim Curry) 3:19
23.Twice In Every Show (Sara Ramirez) 1:17
24.Act II Finale (The Company) 3:28
25.Always Look On The Bright Side of Life – Company Bow (The Company) 1:19
  • Original Release Date: May 3, 2005
  • Release Date: May 3, 2005
  • Label: Verve
  • Copyright: ℗© 2005 Universal Classics Group, a Division of UMG Recordings Inc.
  • Record Company Required Metadata: Music file metadata contains unique purchase identifier
  • Total Length: 52:03

Contains 25 soundtracks.

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