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20 Amazing Monty Python Facts

#1 Using coconuts The running joke of the knights riding around on invisible horses with the sound of the horses hooves clopping coming from their squires clapping coconuts together came from the fact that the group didn’t have enough money in the budget to afford actual horses. They had originally planned to use real horse’s but […]

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Censorship of the film ‘ Holy Grail ‘

Anita Singh, arts and entertainment editor 23 MARCH 2017 • 7:29PM Think of a Monty Python film with blasphemous content, and Life of Brian springs to mind. Yet previously unseen files from the British Board of Film Classification show that the comedy team’s earlier offering, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, fell foul of the […]

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Best clip ever?

Everyone has their own thoughts on the best clip from all the films and Tv shows. This is my personal favourite clip from THE HOLY GRAIL. I just love it !!!

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