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Terry Jones – Monty Python star, screenwriter & Actor.

Monty Python’s star- Terry Jones

Monty Python were a British Surreal comedy Group who produced humorous sketches on Genres such as black comedy and sometimes dark humor. A lot of people like to argue that Monty Pythons days are gone and they will never bless our screens again. What they fail to realize is that surviving members of the group recently reuniting to grace the stage once again with their live shows. Their Live show was an instant sell out.  One of the remaining members of the group is Terry Jones whose punchlines have proved to be unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Terry Jones is one of the reasons why Monty Python is considered to be one of the best British comedy shows!

His screen writing talents and everlasting humor is incomparable. He is not only one of the best British actors of all time but also a talented screenwriter, some of his films include Erik the Viking (1989) and The Wind in the Willows His acting talent is praiseworthy as well. He has played several characters including many female roles. For example, he played Brian’s mother, Mandy in the “life of Brian” comedy.

Monty Python’s Holy Grail was the film which the group decide that Jones and Gillian can work as the directors for the film. Since then, Terry’s directing career has shot up. He played numerous minor plays at the same time with no shame. Despite the film Holy Grail being banned. Thirty-nine local authorities either imposed an outright ban or imposed an X certificate to the Biblical satire after it was condemned as blasphemous when it was released in 1980. It took 28 years for the councils to remove the ban after they found their own film rating system to be flawed. In my opinion, this made the film even more enticing to watch and soon enough Monty Python were being asked when their next movie would be.

Not everyone likes taking a step back but Terry only brought more light to the show by occasionally going for smaller roles. No one can miss out on noticing how amazingly versatile he is. Throughout his life, he has juggled with multiple careers yet aced all of them.

John has even worked with the Carnival Band and has made an appearance in 2007 CD  ‘ ringing the Changes ‘ proving his talents in musical screenwriting as well. Once he had established a career in Musical Screenwriting, there was no going back! Many Programs and TV shows began asking for his contributions. I am not the only fan ranting about all these achievements. He received a Life Time Award at BYFTA cymro Awards and the standing ovation that he received at the moment speaks for itself!

Terry Jones Writing Career

It’s not surprising that a man of Terry’s writing capabilities would settle for only screenwriting. Apart from being all comedic and humorous, the man had a sober side as well. He was not afraid of speaking his mind out on critical topics. He wrote for numerous editorials of The Guardian, The daily Telegraph, and The Observer. He even inflicted a war upon war on terror by condemning attacks on Iraq. He was totally against the Iraq-terror war and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind.

He has even made a name for himself in the poetry world. His is the name that comes to mind first when you hear of the poetry society or the poetry review. He has even dabbled in Medieval and ancient history.

The Personal Life of Terry Jones

John has married twice. He married Alison Telfer and has two children with her. Later he left her for Anna Soderstrom with whom he has a daughter named Siri.

Fun facts about Terry Jones

  • He is the shortest member of the Monty Python group. He was even shorter than Terry Gilliam.
  • Considering that he is an incomparable speaker, it is a surprise to know that he had a difficulty pronouncing the letter “r”.
  • He had a degree in modern history which he left for building a career in comedy. After that, he continued writing on topics related to politics and more.
  • He was a carefree person and never shied away from talking about stuff that no one else tried opinionating on. That is why three out of his four movies that he directed got banned.
  • He made many critical analysis politics by saying that  ‘ the media we all work for is biased and changes the individual opinions in an unconscious way’.

Terry Jones Health

Recently, Terry Jones is not in good health these days. He has been diagnosed with having Frontotemporal Dementia after he took a test that was designed to pinpoint Alzheimer’s diseases. Symptoms of the disease started showing a long time ago when he started facing difficulties and speech and communication. His speech deteriorates at dinner and other parties and now he has made it official that he won’t be doing any more interviews. Fans are upset and concerned about his health and we all wish him well. The man used to be the heart and soul of the party who always lead the conversation, unfortunately, is now just a bystander. The man once entertained the entire world with his communication skills but is now dependent on others to carry out some basic speaking related task. Also, some memory lapsing has been affecting him.


His coworkers still try to keep in touch with him. They don’t want to lose a friend who was once a major asset to their business. Coworker, Micheal Palin says he still goes over to his friend and chats knowing that he won’t receive a reply. Palin has even stated that they are fine with sitting in silence as long as they are in the company of one another.

Although, after the diagnoses of this disease patients start experiencing a change in their behavior. The behavior becomes impulsive and erratic. Yet, we don’t hear Mister Terry losing control over his emotions. Maybe that is because of his inbuilt humorous and light nature. However, the logic and reasoning portion of his brain is still capable of doing a lot. As a fan, I would not want Terry to work for our entertainment with the condition that he is dealing with day to day. He needs rest and isolation after a long life spent spreading joy and smiles. Terry is 75 right now and has unofficially retired from his career.

Professor Nick Fox hopes that the condition would create awareness among the fans of Terry and will let everyone know about the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Most of the people with the condition are not even aware of it. The Alzheimer’s society offers help and support for anyone who suffers from this horrible condition.

I personally would like to thank you, Mr Terry Jones, for being a wonderful part of my life and memories. Your spirit will live on forever in the hearts of all the Monty Python fans.

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